FXsun furlers

Facnor presents the new FXsun furlers dedicated to shade sails that are getting more and more popular.

The FXsun are branched off from the FX range, therefore they are reliable and durable (3 models : FXsun 90/150/250).

This product simplification has allowed to well position them in terms of price and to keep them adapted to shade sail use.

Thanks to the ideal complementary equipment, shade sails can be « furled ».

In case of bad weather, no need to dismantle them.

Facnor offers very complete kits (like for instance the full furling line kit).

Moreover, we have created a new special FXsun thimble (for shade sails only). Splicing the anti-twist rope is no more necessary.

From the FXsun complete kits to accessories, make your own choice !